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Top 7 Online Marketing Trends for 2015


A article recently discussed the shift toward inbound marketing techniques in online marketing. By creating original content, businesses are experiencing more success than embedding advertising within external content. Why? Creating shareable, value based content has additional benefits of branding and audience growth by creating trust.

Here is a list of what online marketing trends will dominate in 2015:

1. Content Marketing is Key

The fastest way to gain trust and establish authority in your online marketing is by creating valuable content through a variety of mediums. Keep it relevant, insightful or entertaining. Top strategies include: social media, articles (internal), eNewsletters, case studies, videos, and articles on other sites. (We can help)

2. Diversity in Social Media

Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr & Instagram are all on the rise in addition to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Explore and incorporate the appropriate type of media for your business to gain a broader platform of exposure. (We can help)

3. Image Centric Content

Images are quick & easy to digest and when you only have seconds to convey your message. A picture is not only be worth a thousand words, but your most effective use of a first impression. Consider using infographics with minimal text to convey a topic, provide statistical info or explain data.

4. Less is More

Simple messaging vs. in depth. ie. Apple, Google. In a busy, overwhelming world, the most effective messaging, products or services will be simple in nature and/or serve to simplify the customer’s life or experience.

5. Mobile Friendly Necessity

By 2017, Forbes estimates that 87% of connected devices will be smartphones or tablets. Browsing must be user friendly via these devices.

6. Ad Retargeting Growing (Again&Again)

Ever notice when you are shopping for something specific it seems to follow you everywhere you go? This is no coincindence, it is browser cookies tracking your visits on a website. Considering only 2% of traffic converts on the first visit, ad retargeting allows the items a users views to be shown again across other sites, working to increase the conversion rate by keeping the product or brand top of mind.

7. Social Shares, 1 of 3 Pillars of SEO

Play a role in organic search rankings, Google factors the number of shares also serves as a stamp of apoproval or trust signal to users visitng. Installing social share plugins is the most effective strategy of capitalizing on this.


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