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Top 10 Reasons to get a Professional Headshot


Now more than ever is it important for all professionals to include a professional headshot photo of themselves in some aspect of their marketing. What was once the norm only for actors & models, politicians or realtors, has become mainstream and expected thanks to social media. Living in an internet age, with increasingly disconnected interactions, professional headshot photos close a critical gap giving a more human and personalized feel to our communication. Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons why investing in professional headshots for your marketing is so important:

1. One word: Google

The first thing anyone does before they make a decision to do business with a new company, hire a new contractor or employee, or make a purchase is… look you up on the internet first! People will do their research online before ever meeting you, so what impression is your website, social media avatar or internet history making? Having a professional and flattering photo of yourself is a crucial part of your online identity.

2. Credibility

Websites, social media profiles, and even avatars in blog comments are perceived as more believable and trustworthy if there is a professional headshot photo of a person rather than an anonymous placeholder. In a world of fakes, scams, robots and the list goes on, a photo establishes a human connection and fosters trust.

3. Professionalism

Professional headshots look more… well, professional! You want to project the image to viewers that you are confident and you take your business seriously. Whether you are an executive at a Fortune 500 company or a dog walker, your clients need to trust you. That sexy selfie or badly cropped photo of you on vacation doesn’t say, ‘hand over your money or other assets, trust me.. I’m a professional!’

4. Stickiness

People spend more time looking at photos than reading text on websites or other marketing materials such as business cards and the quality of the photo also matters. Your best chance of sticking in your potential clients’ memories is to include a great photo of yourself.

Connection: no matter how exciting a brand is, at the end of the day people want to do business with people – not a company. Having photos of the people behind the company builds a connection and trust.

5. Measure of Success

Spending the time and money on professional headshots is a symbol of success. By investing in yourself, it shows your clients you have the means to invest in them. People want to be associated with others who are successful.

6. Don’t be Lazy

Poor quality, blurry, pixelated, stretched or squashed images look terrible. Distracting or unprofessional backgrounds are equally bad. If you are cutting corners on your own personal brand, people will likely make assumptions about your quality of work and professionalism.

7. Brand Recognition

Whether its just you or you represent a company, professional photography is a great way to establish your personal and/or business brand. Put a face to a name, show off some personality, and even incorporate your style or some colours to suit your brand. This will make you more memorable and keep your message consistent.

8. Be Prepared

Get some current headshots done because you never know when you might need it. Some last minute media coverage or a networking opportunity might present itself and you don’t want to miss out, or worse have them use some less-than-desirable or outdated image of you.

9. You Deserve it

Taking the time to get a professionally composed and edited photo of yourself, presented in the best way possible, is not only important for your brand but it will boost your confidence too. You can feel good about people visiting your website or LinkedIn profile and seeing the good-looking, friendly face of the person they should do business with. And hey… it just might save your butt on those days you are a little off your game; having a bad hair day and meeting someone for the first time. At least they can see your potential from your professional headshot! 😉


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