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Herding Cats in the Digital World


Some of my clients have said to me over the years that they have trouble rounding up their fellow decision-makers to move forward on digital marketing projects and campaigns. They call it as easy as “Herding Cats.”

There are still business decision-makers uncomfortable with the dynamic ever-changing digital world that we now operate in. So it makes sense that those comfortable with the traditional ways of marketing are slow to embrace it.

Moving forward from traditional marketing to digital marketing involves a mind-shift but it does not have to be hard to convince anyone. It simply has to make sense to the individual (eg. what’s in it for them). Don’t tell them “change is good” or say something like “everyone else is doing it.”

Show them why it is good for your organization. Be specific such as providing statistics on how people look for services, show website metrics, show them what your competitors are actually doing, show them how it will make their jobs easier, show them the potential revenues…

And what better way than to start with a sense of humour. Perhaps this funny video will help break the ice:

Let me know if you need help with your digital marketing and herding any cats.

Happy trails everyone!

~ Shane Keller

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