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Copywriting: To Hire or DIY?



When starting or building a business, it is important to invest your resources wisely. There are only so many hours in the day and dollars to go around, so finding the perfect balance in the precarious world of business is key to achieving success.

Many business owners wish to be involved in every aspect of their business, including creating their own marketing materials such as their blog or website copy, so their brand remains authentic to their own ‘voice’. This can get overwhelming running around frantically managing every single aspect and angle of your business, then making time to sit down, breathe, and strategize how to to successfully communicate it. (Tearing your hair out already??)

When considering hiring help or outsourcing your copywriting, there are a few questions to (honestly) ask yourself:

1.) How’s my writing?
If you’re writing is litterred with gramatical and spelling erors improper punctuashun runon sentences an incumplete thouhts you may be doing your business more harm than good trying to save a cupple bucks. This is also something to consider when you do hire a pro: whatever language your copy is to be written in, make sure that is the first language of whomever you hire. There are many nuances and subtleties to language that will ‘be lost in translation’ if someone isn’t completely familiar.
Even if you have a perfect handle on the English/French/Spanish/etc. language, that alone won’t make you a good writer. Good copy is engaging, entertaining, paints a picture, tells a story, motivates, inspires and captures the attention of its reader. Great copy needs to do all that AND qualify for search engines. If you are as lost as a certain little girl in a red cape when it comes to content strategy, keywords or search engines, best to leave it to the professionals.
If you aren’t sure if your writing is exciting enough, test it. Compile many different samples of your writing and get some feedback. I’m not talking about your mom or your BFF here, but solicit help from perfect strangers that won’t be afraid to give you a really subjective review. An online writing group or an inexpensive focus group can give you that answer.

2.) How’s my schedule?
If you have ample free time in your day to dedicate to developing new skills, doing market research and testing through trial and error, then you can likely manage crafting your own copywriting. Invest in yourself by reading online forums, taking classes, studying your competitors’ messaging, and asking experts in this area for tips.
Keep a journal on hand everywhere you go. You never know when inspiration will strike and you will want to be able to get those ideas out while they are still freshly budding thoughts in your mind. Having resource material such as a list of bullet points or some snaps on your camera phone will help get those creative juices flowing again when you sit down to a blank page to write later on. I like using the ‘Notes’ section in my iPhone to collect my inspiration. It is filled with all sorts of diverse entries; from songs I like to Pantone colours, interesting or humorous quotes, new words I’ve recently learned, new products I have discovered, and random creative thoughts.
The best way to create is to schedule the time for it. Blocking out regular time for quiet, calm and uninterrupted contemplation will take the pressure off and help you concentrate. 4-5 hours a week is a realistic amount of time to set aside for working on your content.

3.) How valuable is my time?

Probably the most overlooked aspect for self-employed persons is how valuable their time is. It is really easy to get sucked in, micromanaging everything in your business; doing things yourself to save money. But what is that time really costing you? We all do best playing to our strengths so if writing just isn’t one of yours, don’t waste your time trying to master all things. Focus on what you do best and maximize your own billable hours in the day.
Also, consider the cost outside of your business’s bottom line. There could be plenty you are missing out on, locked away in a dark room banging your head against the only light source – your computer screen – trying to overcome your writer’s block. Money comes and goes but you can never get back precious time spent with friends and family, enjoying a healthy activity outdoors, or meeting new people that may foster new relationships for your business. Think critically and realistically about your time and how it best serves you.

If you would like more information about outsourcing your copywriting, we would be happy to discuss our process and provide you with a quote. You may contact us here.

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