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19 Ways To Identify Your Fake Twitter Followers


Did you know there are tens of millions of Fake Twitter Accounts? Estimates are between 30-50 million fake Twitter accounts in total – possibly more – and millions of those are for sale. Many other Twitter accounts are simply inactive.

It is a crazy number of people to fathom but millions of people are still using Twitter to find information, promote businesses, share experiences, read the news, and much much more. You probably follow a few other Twitter profiles if not many. And when you get new Twitter followers it feels good because people are listening to you right?

In all likelihood most of your tweets are NOT reaching the eyes of actual human beings. In fact, your tweets are mostly disappearing into the black hole of the Twitter-sphere within seconds and being replaced by millions of newer tweets. It makes using Twitter seem pointless right? Well that’s not true if you know how to use Twitter because there are many meaningful ways to reach real humans and benefit from Twitter. Truly! Twitter is still a great platform for many reasons. But that is a story for another future post.

So what about your Twitter followers? Are they real or are they fake?

An incredible amount Twitter accounts that are following, unfollowing, and posting on Twitter are software robots, Internet trolls, automated services, and spammers. I am going to call them all fake Twitter followers because many of these fake Twitter accounts post, follow, and behave just like real humans might (well not always). And then if you do not follow some of them back they automatically unfollow you based on a scheduled waiting period. It is ridiculous.

These are not real human followers and they have no real interest in you or your twitter feed . They just want your follow-back to inflate their follower numbers. So you probably want to get rid of them because it amounts to you wasting countless time crafting tweets for followers that don’t exist. Get rid of them so you can focus on sharing your hard work, inspiration, and time with the real followers who matter and are genuinely interested. Don’t be afraid to purge your Fake Twitter Followers!

Here are 19 great ways identify Fake Twitter Followers:

1. They do not have a profile photo or use stock photos.

2. They have bikini wearing profile photos.

3. They have a ridiculous amount of tweets.

4. They are constantly posting 24 hours day (humans require sleep).

5. They have a low follower count (sometimes this can be a real human).

6. They follow far more people than follow back.

7. Profile name is made up of random letters and numbers.

8. Their followers also follow all the same accounts (each other).

9. They follow and unfollow you periodically.

10. They have no bio.

11. They post a lot of duplicate tweets.

12. Tweets are incoherent or do not make sense.

13. Most of the tweets are made up of links to “Special Offers.”

14. Have only one tweet.

15. Have not tweeted in years.

16. They have no interaction with you or others.

17. They use parody names of politicians, celebrities, movie & television characters, etc.

18. They are offering follower schemes (eg. $10 for 1,000 followers).

19. Their bio says if you follow them they will follow back.

Tools that can help:

A. Twitter Audit –

B. Fake Follower Check –

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